Midweek services and casual visitors to the Chapel                                                                      Because of the virus the chapel will only be open for our Sunday morning Eucharist. We regret that we cannot host any midweek groups at present. In the same way because we have no way of knowing if casual visitors  have the virus, and we can’t clean after every visit, nor can we welcome tourists and or other visitors during this time. If approached key holders should apologise and respectfully decline.

What to expect in the Chapel from now on.

Firstly, the chapel will look slightly bare. I have had to clear all books from the bookcases and remove any devotional items, bits of publicity and unnecessary table-top items. Although we initially planned to use plastic chairs in the carpeted area ( so we could wipe them down in between services) we realised that we could simply swap the chairs for new  ones after the 10am thus maintaining a welcome degree of comfort!

Secondly, no one will come round taking a collection during the service.

The collection ‘plate’ will be on the table by the font. There will be no-one going round taking the collection or bringing it up to the altar during the service.

The Bishops, both Anglican and RC, are asking all of us where possible to start using a Standing Order rather than using cash. The reason is that cash then needs to be bagged by a gloved person and left for 72 hours before transfer.

If you can’t change to a standing order, cash is still okay but please, on the first Sunday back, take a number of envelopes away with you so then you can prepare them at home rather than standing in a queue filling them in.

As you can imagine, our chapel income has all but dried up over the last quarter. Bear in mind also that there will now be no income from groups using the chapel as the chapel will only be open on a Sunday morning. In the same way income from tourists and casual visitors has ceased.

Preparing the altar and the sacred vessels for the service

I will bring my own set of vessels etc. and set up for the service so as not involve any servers or sacristans

On arrival

Please Mask– Wearing a mask in the chapel is now compulsory for congregation members. (I do have a few spares in case you forget yours). Those reading the Epistle or leading the intercessions may remove it during that time. Clergy and those leading worship only wear masks when administering communion.

Sanitise. – As you enter please use the sanitising hand gel to be found on the top of the font.

Collection plate – The wooden plate is by the font for those not yet using Standing orders. Please be generous. All churches have taken a massive financial hit because of Lockdown. This is another reason why that the Bishops are urging us all to move to using a Standing Order as soon as possible. Whether you use cash or do things through Standing order, if you are a UK tax payer, please make sure you sign a covenant form.

Go to your assigned seat keeping to the centre of the chapel. 

I have devised a wedding reception style seating plan in order to accommodate as many people as possible so please only sit in the seat assigned to you.  (This will seem horribly school like, but the allocation I’ve devised maximises the number of people we can get in. If a person on their own sits on a pew allocated for a couple then we effectively lose a seat and someone can’t stay)

There is a copy of the seating plans for both services on the wooden screen behind the font.

A SINGLE USE Service sheet I will be producing a single use service sheet – complete with readings etc for each Sunday – it will be waiting on your seat.                                                        Please take it away with you at the end.

The Peace.

Obviously, we will not be moving around or physically sharing the peace – but there’s nothing to stop us giving each other a ‘wave’ of peace!

The Administration of Communion.

Because our aisle is so narrow we can’t have people passing each other going up or down from the Altar. Please stay in your places and I will bring communion to you.

As you already know we will be giving communion by bread only.

When I come to give you the bread I will be wearing a mask and I will not say the words “The Body of Christ”. Please do not say Amen or make any spoken response.

At the end of the service

The service will be slightly shorter than normal.

When it is over please leave from the back first.

As you leave, please move well away from the door and wait until you get right outside so you can socially distance before you start to chat and catch up.